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Hi Mr. Angliss,

My name should definately appear in your database as we spent in excess of $17,000.00 with your company in North Branford CT for vinly siding.

Not one person has called us back after we called twice during the past year requesting that you install our window screen to our master bedroom after your installer botched the fit. Kindly call me as your sales rep. Richard Brown garnered the sale for you 2+ years ago. How do you respond to failing to inspect th material and installation that I have in writing obligating CareFree to inspect the job on the anniversay for 5 years that you provided?

I would leave you my cell # but I do not feel comfortable doing so on the web. I hope that you will respond to this as I have taken the time to let you know that this endorsement is not false and is definately truthful.

I would contact you at your office however, this failed in the past and seem to be a waste of my time.

Marc L. (You have my home #)

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this guy is actually arguing with his customers online????? just go fix the problem!!!!!!


YOU ARE BUSTED NICK Maggelhaes AND OR RICHARD BROWN! You'll be hearing from my atty.

I called the REAL homeowner in N. Branford, CT and yes he said he couldn't open his screen, but that they haven't contacted us in 2 years!He also said he thought we did a great job and will be posting comments to that effect on this site. I read him what he supposedly wrote and said that he never heard of this site. It has been over 2 years now.

Maybe you guys should be stalking a job instead of stalking me.

Rich, you're on your 4th home improvement company in the only 2 years you've been in this industry. Maybe you should focus your attention on that instead on your facination with my company?

to John Windsor, Connecticut, United States #641941

wow sounds like a play pen is needed!!!!


Actually John, we have contacted your office and requested a call back. The failure was that your staff has not taken any action.

The elaborate software you state is only good as the people who act after receiving such messages from customers. By the way, what is your reply to not having someone return on the anniversary of the completed job to inspect the integrity of the job we gave you? I should not have to call you in Mass. to remind you what your written obligations are sir.

As I've written in my initial post, you can locate the job either by cost or by location that I have provided you. I sense that you're not interested. Policing is not needed.

However, it seems as though may other people and not only Mr. Brown have had problems with your business.


I'm sorry for any percieved inconvenience, but to get service, you need to start by calling our office. We have an elaborate software that tracks ALL correspondence including dates and times and you have not.

Instead of going on sites like this, it would do you better to simply call the office. You make it difficult for us to serve you if you don't let us know and have us find out by policing us responsibly, and regularly policing this site that was created by a disgruntled ex employee who we successfully sued to cease and desits, because with this framework created, it makes it easy for anyone with a vendetta due build on it.

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